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Dietary Supplements Causing Liver Damage

The New York Times ran an article entitled "Spike in Harm to Liver is Tied to Dietary Aids". In the article, the writer explains how Americans are consuming large quantities of dietary supplements with the potential of experiencing liver damage. The following is a summary of portions of the article.

Nearly half of Americans use dietary supplements in hopes of losing weight, building muscles and preventing anything from colds to chronic illnesses. Americans spend approximately $32 billion a year on herbal supplements. Unfortunately, using some herbal products can lead to serious harm and even death.

According to Dr. Paul A. Offit, the chief of infectious diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, only 170 of the approximate 55,000 supplements sold in the United States have been studied closely to determine their potential side effects. The industry is simply unregulated. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Action enacted in 1994 prevents the Food and Drug Administration from approving or evaluating most supplements before they are sold. Instead, the FDA must wait until there are sufficient complaints of injury or harm. Thus, because the industry is essentially self-regulated, many of the weight loss, muscle building and other herbal supplements are adulterated, mislabeled or packaged in dosages that have not been studied for safety or efficacy.

One of the more severe adverse reactions to dietary and muscle building supplements is liver damage. People consume herbal powders and pills such as green tea extract with the promise of quick weight loss or increased muscle mass, not knowing that some products can cause severe damage to their liver. Consumers with liver damage from the herbal products may experience jaundice, body itching, weight loss and lack of sleep. The worst cases require liver transplants or even death.

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