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Products Liability

Product Liability Attorney

If you were using a product as it was intended to be used and the product injured you, what should you do? Talk to a product liability lawyer at Bohrer Brady LLC. You may be entitled to compensation from the seller and manufacturer.

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Accidents and Injuries Caused by Dangerous Products
When a manufacturer uses a defective design, poor testing, or careless manufacturing in bringing a product to market, injured consumers have a right to hold the manufacturer liable. Our consumer protection law firm has experience litigating against large companies in a courtroom on behalf of our clients.

  • Industrial accidents can be caused by defective equipment such as cranes, scaffolding, and industrial process equipment. Tell us about your accident.
  • Everyday products can cause injury; a toy that chokes a small child; a household cleaner inappropriately labeled; a propane tank that leaks; a car with defective brakes.
  • Defective drugs and medical devices are often taken to market with inadequate testing or insufficient warnings. Unfortunately, many drug recalls occur after unnecessary injuries and deaths occur. If you or someone in your family has been harmed by a dangerous drug, talk to our law firm.

If you have suffered an injury because of a defective product, or if a family member has died in a product liability accident, tell us about it. Our consumer protection lawyers can help you understand the laws and your rights. You do not have to face a big manufacturing company alone.

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