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Employment Law Attorneys

Employers can save significant amounts of money by classifying employees as "exempt" and thereby not having to pay them overtime. Unfortunately, many employers misclassify employees for that reason — taking advantage of their employees' hard work without having to pay overtime wages.

At Bohrer Brady LLC, we represent employees in a wide range of wage and hour claims, including those involving misclassification. Our attorneys understand that your employee classification is based on what you actually do, not your job title. We are prepared to stand up for your rights in this important legal matter.

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Misclassification: Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt

Exempt employees are paid a salary. Non-exempt employees are paid an hourly wage. Common examples of exempt positions include managers, professionals, administrators and other positions in which the employee manages the work of others, interprets company policy or has authority over his or her work.

Non-exempt employees are typically supervised and are charged with such duties as:

  • Producing products
  • Operating machinery
  • Maintenance
  • Administrative work
  • Making deliveries
  • Driving vehicles
  • Running a cash register

Oftentimes, companies will give an employee a title such as "assistant manager" and classify that employee as exempt. If the employee does not obtain any real managerial responsibilities and remains responsible for activities similar to those named above, it may be a case of misclassification and that employee may be owed unpaid overtime wages.

If you think your employer may be exploiting you through misclassification, our lawyers are here to help you explore your rights and options.

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