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Bohrer Brady is a Baton Rouge law firm that focuses on employment law cases in Louisiana and nationwide. For over 33 years, our employment law attorneys have stood up for our clients’ rights and provided solutions for employees like you who are facing employment law issues, including being denied overtime. We will aggressively pursue your claim and send the message to employers that employees’ hard-earned wages and overtime must be paid.

Bohrer Brady has collected fair and just compensation for many clients, and we’ll fight for you, too.


Our Employment Law Attorneys are Here to Help Take the Burden Off Your Shoulders

Attorneys Philip Bohrer and Scott Brady, and our dedicated staff and network of experts have the resources and experience necessary to handle your unpaid overtime case and ensure workers’ rights are protected and their voices are heard.

We believe in taking the burden off of our clients’ shoulders. We will not charge you a fee unless you win your employment law case, and we will always be honest about your rights and options.

We are not afraid to take on big businesses to make sure justice is served. After all, the other side has lawyers. Shouldn’t you?

Whether you have been denied wages for time that you worked, were required to work off-the-clock without pay, haven’t been paid overtime because the company refuses to pay it, you are paid a day rate, piece rate,  salary, or you are classified as an independent contractor, Bohrer Brady employment law attorneys are here to help you.

Contact Bohrer Brady today for a free, confidential consultation. Our team of attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of wage and hour claims, and can help you understand your rights and explain the options available to you. You do not have to face your employer, or figure out how to get the wages you are owed from your employer, alone. The Baton Rouge and nationwide employment and unpaid overtime attorneys at Bohrer Brady are here to help.