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If you work over 40 hours in a workweek, state and federal laws outline standards requiring your employer to pay you 1.5 times your regular wages for your work. If your employer has not paid you or has paid you less than what you legally earned, you need to consult an employment law attorney right away.

Bohrer Brady, LLC is composed of experienced employment and labor lawyers who each hold an AV preeminent peer review rating. Our employment law attorneys serving workers in Lake Charles, LA can file an unpaid overtime claim on your behalf and represent you in your unpaid overtime claim. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve lost – our professional employment lawyers possess the knowledge necessary to help you recover what you are rightfully owed. Contact us to schedule a free confidential consultation.


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What Should I Do If I Am a Victim of Unpaid Overtime in Lake Charles, LA?

Our employment law attorneys will assist you in filing an unpaid overtime claim in court.

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that governs overtime has time limits for filing suit so don’t delay pursuing your claim. The unpaid overtime lawyers at Bohrer Brady can advise you on your situation and help you decide the best course of action.

Our lawyers advocate for workers in Lake Charles, LA to ensure their rights are protected when their employers do not pay them the overtime they are owed. Our firm provides representation for unpaid overtime clients, misclassified employees, and those who have been forced to work off-the-clock without pay. Our employment law lawyers are committed to ensuring that you get the overtime compensation you deserve.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Unpaid Overtime Wages?

In Louisiana, the payment of overtime wages is governed by federal laws. The laws are extensive and complex. A lawyer dedicated to serving Lake Charles, LA workers can help you better understand federal employment laws, as well as how they regulate the relationship between you and your employer.

An attorney can stand up to bullying employers. When workers attempt to recover unpaid overtime wages, they are often met with excuses and denials, ranging from “I don’t owe you any money” to “Are you sure your calculations are correct?” Some employers will use every excuse in the book to avoid paying you what you are entitled to under state and federal laws. Our attorneys will fight tirelessly for your rights and will stand up to bullying employers on your behalf.

An employment law attorney has the experience needed to get you the peace and justice you deserve. When it comes to upholding your legal rights, a qualified employment law attorney possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure you are fairly compensated. If you’re dealing with unpaid overtime as a worker in Lake Charles, LA, Bohrer Brady, LLC is here to help. We are an independent practice that fights to ensure you receive what you’re owed.

Why Lake Charles, LA Workers Should Contact Us

If your employer has failed to pay you what is rightfully yours, our employment law attorneys committed to serving Lake Charles, LA employees can help you pursue the fair compensation you deserve. Our lawyers hold AV preeminent peer review ratings and have extensive experience in handling unpaid overtime wage claims.

Tired of Battling with Your Employer Over Your Unpaid Overtime Wages?

You don’t have to go through the tiring and complex process of filing an unpaid overtime wages claim alone. Let our employment lawyers walk with you and fight for the justice you deserve. Our firm has represented unpaid overtime clients in Louisiana and nationally for over 30 years. You can reach us at 1-800-876-3911 or send us a direct message by completing the form on our website.

When you’re ready to discuss whether you should pursue legal action against your employer, Bohrer Brady, LLC can help. We are dedicated to helping Louisiana workers get the unpaid overtime they deserve and we can help you too. Contact our employment law attorneys today for a free, confidential consultation.