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Overtime-eligible employees must be paid time and a half when they work over 40 hours in a workweek. Employers often illegally do not pay overtime wages in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If your employer doesn’t pay you the overtime wages you have earned, you can exercise your legal right to bring a claim by contacting an experienced wage and hour lawyer.

At Bohrer Brady, LLC, our unpaid overtime employment law firm represents employees in Ohio and across the United States who have not been paid overtime. Call or contact us today for a free confidential consultation to discuss your unpaid overtime wage claim with an experienced labor & employment attorney.


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Wage and Hour Laws in Ohio

Ohio and federal laws protect workers’ rights to overtime pay and provide a legal remedy for claims against employers. Wage and hour laws and claims can present a variety of issues that an experienced law firm must handle. As an example, employers often do not include incentives, shift differential, commissions, bonuses, or COVID pay in calculating overtime. The wage and hour lawyers of Bohrer Brady, LLC have handled numerous wage and hour cases. If you want to fight for your rights to receive the compensation you deserve, look no further than Bohrer Brady, LLC.

Whether you are experiencing misclassification as an independent contractor, unpaid overtime, working off-the-clock, or any other wage and hour disputes, our employment law attorneys are here to help you fight for the money you deserve. Our experience, resources, and expertise in a variety of labor and employment law cases allow us to ensure your rights as an employee are protected. We’re committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your claim.

Exempt and Non-Exempt Employment Status in Ohio

Exempt and non-exempt status, which determines the right to overtime pay, is primarily based on a worker’s job responsibilities and how they’re paid. Considerations include whether the employee is paid hourly or salaried and whether they perform supervisory or administrative tasks.

Examples of common exempt positions include:

  • Computer-related workers
  • Executive
  • Administrative
  • Professional
  • Outside salespeople

If you do not perform the work listed above and don’t receive overtime, you may have a claim. Exemption status cannot be determined purely based on job title. Our unpaid overtime attorneys can review your case and help you understand whether you’re an exempt or non-exempt worker who is entitled to extra pay.

How Our Unpaid Wages Lawyers Can Help

The wage and hour attorneys at Bohrer Brady, LLC have over five decades of combined experience representing employees, and we’ll fight to ensure you receive the pay you have earned. You may be eligible to file a lawsuit against your employer if you believe they have:

  • Not paid you at least the minimum wage
  • Not paid you overtime
  • Inappropriately deducted your pay
  • Violated the FLSA
  • Not included all your pay in calculating overtime

Having one of our employment law attorneys on your side means you can rest assured that your wage and hour disputes will be thoroughly investigated, and you will have the best possible case developed to prove your entitlement to overtime and back wages. Contact Bohrer Brady, LLC for your free confidential consultation and to discuss the specifics of your case.

We may be able to help you recover compensation for:

  • Unpaid overtime wages
  • Liquidated or double damages
  • Legal costs and attorney fees

In addition, you may be able to file a lawsuit in Ohio that includes your coworkers (collective action) if they are experiencing the same issues. Our wage and hour lawyers can provide you with the legal advice and representation required for any and all workplace disputes.

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If you believe your employer is violating the FLSA, contact the unpaid overtime lawyers at Bohrer Brady, LLC. Our wage and hour attorneys are dedicated to representing workers in Ohio, including Cleveland and Columbus, and throughout the country in unpaid overtime cases. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you fight for your rights. Contact us today for a free confidential consultation.