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Requiring employees to work off the clock is a win-win for businesses — employees further the company’s interests without costing it a dime. Requiring off-the-clock labor without pay, however, is illegal under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and you are eligible for a wage and hour dispute.

If you have been required to work off the clock and have not been paid for your efforts, the attorneys at Bohrer Brady LLC, can help you pursue compensation for the wages you should have been paid. We have extensive experience handling wage and hour claims for clients throughout Louisiana and nationwide.

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Working Off The Clock

Employers engage in a number of tactics to compel employees to work off the clock. Common examples include:

  • Failing to pay for training
  • Claiming the employee did not complete his or her duties sufficiently during the workday and should complete them after hours without pay
  • Failing to pay for prep time
  • Failing to pay for meetings
  • Requiring the employees to participate in promotion events, community outreach events and other functions without pay
  • Failing to pay for setup time such as putting on uniforms and equipment
  • Failing to pay for time spent dividing tips after a restaurant or bar shift.

If you have experienced any of the above or similar treatment at your job, you may have a valid wage and hour claim against your employer. Our attorneys can help you pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Don’t let your employer take advantage of you. Requiring you to work off-the-clock is illegal under the FLSA, and you may be entitled to compensation. Regardless of your employer’s tactics, you can trust an off-the-clock claims lawyer from Bohrer Brady, LLC, to fight for you.

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