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Both state and federal laws require employers to pay their eligible employees 1.5 times their regular hourly rate of pay for all hours over 40 in a workweek. Unfortunately, employers in Detroit, the state of Michigan, and throughout the United States, often fail to pay their employees the overtime wages they’re owed by law. If you’re a Michigan worker who hasn’t been paid the overtime wages you’ve earned, it’s in your best interest to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to see if you’re eligible for a claim.

The employment law attorneys at Bohrer Brady, LLC have over five decades of combined experience representing workers. Our unpaid overtime attorneys serving Michigan workers can help you determine if you have an unpaid overtime claim and file a lawsuit or claim to recover your unpaid wages. We have the knowledge, resources, and experience needed to successfully recover the overtime pay you’re owed. Call or contact us today for a free confidential consultation with an experienced labor & employment attorney.


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What to Do if You’re Facing Unpaid Overtime as a Michigan Worker

The experienced unpaid overtime attorneys at Bohrer Brady, LLC will help you file an unpaid overtime claim in court. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that governs overtime pay outlines time limits for filing suit, so don’t delay in pursuing your claim. Our unpaid overtime lawyers will provide sound legal advice and help you determine a plan of action.

Michigan workers who have been denied overtime pay are granted specific rights under the FLSA. Our employment law firm is dedicated to representing unfairly treated employees and recovering the overtime pay they’re owed. We’ve successfully represented numerous employees whose employers refused to compensate them for their overtime work, so you can trust us to do the same for you.

How Our Unpaid Overtime Lawyers Serving Michigan Workers Can Help You

We’re dedicated to fighting for your rights as a Michigan worker. You should be fully compensated for the work you’ve performed, so we’ll develop a strong case to recover your wages. You may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover unpaid overtime wages, liquidated damages, and attorney fees if you believe your employer has:

  • Violated the FLSA
  • Not paid you overtime
  • Inappropriately deducted your pay
  • Not paid you at least the minimum wage
  • Not included all your pay in calculating overtime

The knowledgeable attorneys at Bohrer Brady, LLC will thoroughly investigate your wage and hour claim, as well as develop a sound case proving your entitlement to overtime pay and back wages. Call or contact our unpaid overtime law firm now to determine whether you’re eligible to file a claim.

You may be able to recover the following in an unpaid overtime claim:

  • Unpaid overtime wages
  • Legal costs and attorney fees
  • Liquidated or double damages

Additionally, our attorneys can help you file a collective action lawsuit if your coworkers are also being denied overtime pay.

Why You Need a Lawyer to Recover Unpaid Overtime Wages

Overtime payment is governed by federal law. Since the laws pertaining to unpaid overtime are extensive and complex, you need an employment law attorney that can help you decipher how the FLSA regulates whether you’re eligible for overtime pay.

An attorney can defend you against employers. Workers attempting to recover unpaid overtime wages from their employers outside of court are often met with phrases like “Are you sure your calculations are correct?” or “I don’t owe you anything.” Some employers try to use every excuse they can think of to deny you overtime compensation, such as misclassifying you as an independent contractor, forcing you to work off-the-clock, stating you’re ineligible for overtime pay, or failing to include COVID extra pay, commissions, bonuses, incentives, or premium pay when calculating your overtime rate. An experienced unpaid overtime attorney can stand up to your employer’s excuses and defend your rights under the FLSA.

An unpaid overtime attorney has the skills needed to recover the overtime pay you’re owed. A qualified attorney has the experience and skills necessary to ensure you receive your unpaid overtime wages. The lawyers of Bohrer Brady, LLC are here to help you recover the wages you’re legally owed.

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Since the FLSA outlines strict time standards for filing unpaid overtime claims, call or contact our law firm as soon as possible to protect your rights. Whatever excuses your employer uses to deny you overtime pay, you can be confident that our experienced attorneys will fight diligently on your behalf. Call us at 1-800-876-3911 or send us a direct message by completing the form on our website to receive your free confidential consultation. Our unpaid overtime attorneys serving Michigan workers are dedicated to ensuring you receive what you deserve.