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Death on the High Seas Act Lawyers

When a loved one dies in a fatal accident, it is always hard on the family. When that accident is a sudden wrongful death, especially death offshore on the high seas, the circumstances can be difficult to understand. Our law firm has 60  years of combined experience investigating maritime accidents and helping families obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

Special laws apply to cases involving deaths that occur on the high seas in Federal waters.

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Maritime work is dangerous and risky. Defective equipment, poor safety procedures, or heavy seas can cause serious injury or wrongful death.

  • Asserting a maritime claim for wrongful death requires an understanding of maritime law and the maritime work environment. Our wrongful death lawyers have the experience you need.
  • It can be difficult to deal with a wrongful death claim. At our Baton Rouge, Louisiana, law firm, we will handle the details and help you obtain financial compensation to help your family through the loss you have suffered.
  • It is especially important to establish exactly where a maritime death occurred. The Death on the High Seas Act provides fewer types of compensation and only applies to deaths that occur outside of state waters.

If a family member has died in a fatal maritime, offshore, river or lake accident, tell us about it. We will make sure you understand the laws and your rights under wrongful death laws and death on the high seas statutes. You do not have to deal with this alone.