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Consumer Claims and Class Actions

Consumer Protection Attorney

Often when one consumer has a problem with a business, that is only the “tip of the iceberg.” When many consumers have the same problem with the same company, the complaints can sometimes be grouped together for a consumer class action lawsuit.

At Bohrer Brady LLC we have extensive experience in consumer class actions. If you have a claim against a company, tell us about it. We will evaluate the possibility of bringing a consumer class action against the company.


Class Action Lawsuits: Example Cases

  • Junk faxes — Have you gotten a lot of unsolicited junk faxes? You may have a claim under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA consumer class action compensates consumers for junk faxes.
  • Nursing home neglect — If one nursing home resident has been mistreated, there may be many more. Talk to our attorneys about nursing home neglect and we can help you file an individual claim or become part of a class action claim.
  • Non-payment of insurance claim — Did your insurance company fail to pay a claim? If the insurance company’s bad faith is a pattern, you may have a claim within a class action lawsuit.
  • Improper billing — Have you been overcharged or not billed correctly for a product or service? You and others may be able to bring a class action lawsuit.
  • Dangerous / defective products — Have you purchased a product that did not perform as it should, or was defective?
  • Consumer rip-offs — Has a company failed to honor a warranty or refund due, or failed to give you what you paid for?

Unauthorized Phone Bill Charges
There have been reports that several telephone communication companies are bundling unauthorized charges that were not requested by the customer. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) calls this “cramming” — the practice of placing unauthorized charges on telephone bills.

This fraudulent scheme involves charging customers for third-party service subscriptions such as Internet access, voicemail, Web hosting, wallpaper, screen savers, yellow page listings, and more. The charges show up on their regular telephone bill. These third-party providers are actually billing clearinghouses that process phone-billed transactions on behalf of vendors. However, most of these services were never requested, authorized or known to the customer.

Bohrer Brady LLC is evaluating cases involving the fraudulent practices of telephone carriers.

Credit/Debit Card Receipts with Private Information

It is a violation of federal law for a merchant to print a credit or debit card receipt and include your card’s expiration date or more than the last five digits of the card number on the receipt. The purpose of the law is to prevent identity theft. If you make a purchase at a store, restaurant, gas pump, etc. and your receipt contains more than the last five digits of your card number or the expiration date, it violates the law. You could recover money damages for that violation. If you are interested in making merchants comply with this federal law, and recovering damages when they violate it, save the receipt and send it to us.

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