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Louisiana Cancer and Supplemental Insurance Lawyer

Purchasers of cancer and specified disease supplemental insurance should be aware of what they are buying.

With the unfortunate rise of cancer-related illnesses in the United States and especially Louisiana, many concerned citizens are purchasing cancer or specified disease supplemental insurance policies in the hope of protecting themselves against enormous health care costs.

Some supplemental insurance companies offer expansive insurance coverage for cancer-related illnesses; however, many companies appear to deceive the policy holders in thinking all medical bills associated with the treatment will be reimbursed.

Recently, several clients of Bohrer Brady LLC, underwent treatment to resolve their cancer-related illnesses believing their medical costs would be reimbursed through their cancer insurance policies. To their dismay, the medical costs were not completely covered as was thought when they purchased the policies. Bohrer Brady LLC is currently pursuing claims on their behalf to recover benefits justly due under their policies of insurance.

Most cancer insurance policies merely cover an initial diagnosis and several tests thereafter. Other more comprehensive policies reimburse the policyholder for certain procedures performed during the treatment. However, this does not mean the full amount is recovered.

Usually, the insurance company reimburses an amount based on the national average for the procedure performed. Regrettably, Louisiana has an overall higher cost for medical treatment, which generally means the insurance company will not reimburse the Louisiana policyholders the full amount paid. Additionally, several insurance companies refuse to reimburse policyholders for some medication used during cancer treatment. Bohrer Brady LLC, firmly believes reimbursement for these medications are justly due under many insurance policies.

With the growing cost of medical treatment, insurance coverage is always recommended. However, the purchaser should study the policy carefully, weighing the benefits against the costs. You should determine the amount you will probably spend on an initial payment, monthly payments and deductibles, and compare that total amount to the benefits received through the insurance policy you are seeking to buy. If the benefits held in the policy do not justify the amount you are required to spend, you should seek out another insurance company. Do not be afraid to shop around for the right policy to fit your needs.

The attorneys at Bohrer Law Firm are here to help you with your cancer or specified disease insurance claims. We work on a contingency fee basis meaning we do not collect a fee unless you recovery in your case.

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