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Whether you are a teenager in high school working to save up for a car or an established member of the workforce earning a living to support yourself and your family, one of the main reasons to hold a job and go to your workplace every day is for the paycheck. Paying your bills, making your rent or mortgage payment, buying groceries and other needed supplies, and even saving for a vacation or special item requires money, and you as an employee expect to be paid for all the work you perform.

Although most employees will receive the money they have earned, some circumstances arise where an employer illegally withholds wages or violates some other aspect of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If these unfortunate situations occur, the employees who are negatively affected by the illegal actions of their employers deserve to fight for their rights and the wages they have earned.

There are many facets of employment law that may be covered in a wage and hour dispute, so it is important that Memphis, TN employees who are having labor and employment concerns discuss their situations with an experienced employment lawyer as soon as possible.

At Bohrer Brady, LLC, our unpaid overtime employment law firm is dedicated to representing Memphis, TN employees who were not paid their correct overtime pay or had their wages unfairly withheld. Call or contact us for a free confidential consultation to discuss your unpaid overtime wage claim with an employment and labor attorney.


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Types of Employment Law Cases in Memphis, TN

Employment law is a wide-ranging and far-reaching practice area, and our employment law firm can handle a variety of different case types. From off-the-clock claims to minimum wage disputes to wrongful termination and everything in between, our labor and employment law firm represents Memphis employees who want to fight for their rights and get the pay they deserve from employers who are acting illegally.

Our employment lawyers have experience, resources, and expertise in various labor and employment law cases. They will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights as an employee are protected and you get the pay you are owed. Things such as overtime pay and misclassification as an independent contractor are common issues when it comes to labor and employment law, and our law firm is committed to helping you get the best possible outcome for your claim.

Why You Need a Wage and Hour Employment Law Firm

When it comes to wage disputes, minimum wage requirements, overtime pay, and a variety of other concerns that may be involved in an employment dispute, the best possible way to have your rights as an employee defended and to get the pay you deserve, is to hire experienced employment lawyers.

At Bohrer Brady, LLC, our law firm serves the state of Tennessee, including Memphis, and specializes in workplace-related disputes and employment law. We know how critical it is that you receive the wages you earn on a daily basis. Whether you get paid the minimum wage as an hourly employee or you are a salaried employee, everyone deserves the money they earned for the hours they worked, including overtime compensation (usually 1.5 times the employee’s regular rate after 40 hours worked).

The wage and hour attorneys at Bohrer Brady, LLC can assist you in recovering damages against your employer for their failure to pay the appropriate wages, including overtime and minimum wages.  As an example, if you were not paid overtime, you may be eligible to receive:

  • Back pay for what is owed but has not been paid
  • Liquidated or double damages
  • Legal costs and attorney fees

We can also help you file a lawsuit on behalf of your co-workers (collective action) if they are in the same situation as you. It is important to remember that, in general, an FLSA lawsuit must be filed within two years of the non-payment of wages, or three years if the employer’s actions were willful.

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If you are an employee in Memphis, TN, who feels that their employer has illegally withheld overtime pay or other compensation for hours worked, contact the employment and labor lawyers at Bohrer Brady, LLC for legal advice and representation.

Our overtime attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that Memphis employees get the pay they deserve for the hours they worked. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your employment case with one of our knowledgeable lawyers.