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As the economic capital of New Mexico, Albuquerque is home to thousands of hardworking employees. The employer environment is diverse, and the labor force is spread across government, healthcare, schools, and private tech companies. With this large labor force, issues are bound to arise. At Bohrer Brady, LLC, our labor & employment attorneys hold employers accountable in overtime pay claims. If you’ve worked over 40 hours in a workweek and not been compensated 1.5 times your regular pay, contact our employment law firm today for a free confidential consultation to see if you may be owed overtime.


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Servicing Workers in Albuquerque, NM Through Employment Law

Federal laws, in addition to New Mexico’s employment laws, can be used to hold your employer accountable for unpaid overtime violations. Among other things, these laws dictate the hours that qualify as overtime, including how much you should be paid.

Due to the complexities of overtime laws, it can be challenging to know if or when your overtime pay rights are being violated. However, by retaining our experienced employment lawyers, you can be sure that you’ll receive what is legally yours.

What sets our employment law services apart?

  • Attention to detail. We will look at every bit of information available to analyze your case.
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  • Professional care. You’ll experience professionalism at the onset of our first interaction.
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  • Reliability. You can trust us to walk with you until a resolution is reached.

Claim Your Unpaid Overtime Wages in Albuquerque

You don’t have to stay quiet when your employer misclassifies you, refuses to pay you for overtime work, or requires you to work off-the-clock without pay. Instead, seek representation by an unpaid overtime lawyer who will be your voice. With over thirty years of practice in unpaid overtime law issues, across the state and country, we are the right firm to address any unpaid overtime abuses in the workplace.

Our employment lawyers understand the federal overtime laws. Once we understand your overtime wage allegations and decide to pursue them, you can rest assured that you will get the representation you deserve. Our legal counsel can help Albuquerque workers like you receive their 1.5 times pay for overtime.

Our Attorneys Cater to All Employees Facing Unpaid Overtime in Albuquerque, NM

If you are eligible for overtime, we are capable of handling your overtime pay violation case, no matter where you work or what your job title. Our law firm has successfully assisted thousands of employees across various types of employment. You can trust us to fight for you, no matter how stubborn your employer may be.

Ready to Recover Your Pay? Contact Unpaid Overtime Lawyers Representing Employees in Albuquerque for Help

Knowing that you gave your employer your best but didn’t receive the same treatment in return can be frustrating. Unethical workplaces get away with employment violations simply because employees don’t take action against them. However, you can use the law to ensure your employer pays you for the overtime work you completed. Our employment lawyers can help you claim your unpaid overtime wages in Albuquerque, NM, and beyond. Call 1-800-876-3911 or complete our online form to get in touch with Bohrer Brady, LLC for a free confidential consultation.