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You work hard for your money, and you deserve to be paid fairly for your services. But some employers ignore wage and hour laws and try to cut corners by not paying all the wages of their employees earn by not paying overtime or not paying for all hours worked and when that happens, you cannot afford to wait. The wage and hour lawyers at Bohrer Brady, LLC can help you take legal action. Contact Bohrer Brady, LLC today for more information.

If you believe you have been deprived of the wages you have earned, we can help you recover what you are owed. Our wage and hour lawyers understand employment law, and we know what to do when an employer violates the rights of its workers according to state laws.

Wage and hour claims we take on:

Know Your Rights

Some employers’ payroll practices are not just unethical, they may also be illegal. If you do not know wage and hour laws, you may never know that what they’re doing is wrong. If you feel that your employer has not paid you fairly—either by denying overtime wage payments or by erroneously classifying your employment status or by not paying you for all hours worked—it is time to contact a wage and hour attorney and take legal action.

A wage claim attorney can help you uncover those hidden issues. Whether you are due past wages for work already completed or worry that you are not being compensated fairly for work you are currently performing, an unpaid wages attorney can help you get the money you deserve.

If you are covered by applicable employment law, your employer has certain responsibilities to meet to be in compliance with state laws. Most importantly, the company you work for must compensate all covered employees for:

  • Actual time the employee spent performing work for the benefit of the company
  • Work that, even if not explicitly requested by the employer, is permitted by that employer
  • Overtime pay for work that exceeds 40 hours in a given work week. Employees who are eligible for overtime pay must be compensated at a rate of one and a half times their normal hourly rate
  • Paying a salary or day rate or piece rate cannot avoid overtime if you are eligible
  • Classifying a worker as an Independent Contractor may not always be legally correct

Employees are entitled to be paid the correct wage for all hours worked, and you should speak up if you feel you’re not being paid the wages you have earned.


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Industry-Related Wage & Hour Claims

Immigrant & Farm Worker Claims

Immigrant and farm workers, whether documented or undocumented are covered by the FLSA. Sometimes, farm workers are required to work off-the-clock before or after their shifts— putting on and taking off uniforms, or otherwise preparing for work. This time may be payable.

Oil Field Worker Claims

Have you been denied overtime? Many companies in the oilfield industry improperly pay their employees’ salaries, day rate, or per diem to avoid overtime pay. Some companies treat employees as independent contractors, even though they are legally employees.

We represent oil field workers in unpaid overtime lawsuits. Oilfield workers who are required to attend pre-tour safety meetings, fire drills, company meetings, or other activities (either on land or offshore) before the start of their work shift may be entitled to overtime pay.

Healthcare Workers

Healthcare corporations and companies often attempt to trim their costs by misclassifying healthcare workers as independent contractors, failing to pay for training or per diem expenses, failing to pay travel time or denying overtime. Federal law provides specific rules to protect healthcare workers, including nurses, first responders, nurses’ aides, home aids, companions and other healthcare providers. You may be entitled to compensation for theft of wages.

Home Health Worker Claims

There are over 100,000 businesses employing over 2 million home health care workers who provide care to the elderly, ill and disabled.

All home health care workers who are employed by third party employers and provide any in-home companionship, health, assistance or domestic services, or who assist with the physical taking of medications, or medical care, must now be paid overtime for all hours worked over 40 according to state laws.

If you are a home health worker and are not directly paid by patients or their families, you are entitled to receive unpaid overtime as far back as January 1, 2015, when a new regulation became effective.

This decision changes the way home health workers have been paid for over 40 years.

The attorneys at Bohrer Brady, LLC have represented numerous home health workers who are employed by companies to determine whether they are entitled to unpaid overtime. For more information, contact us or call us toll-free at 1-800-876-3911 to arrange a free consultation with our experienced wage and hour lawyers.

Extradition Agents/Prison Transport Worker Claims

If you have worked as an extradition agent or prisoner transportation guard or officer and were paid a day rate or salary but no overtime for hours worked over forty in a workweek, you may be entitled to overtime wages.

Current and former prisoner transportation extradition agents were recently granted conditional class certification in a lawsuit seeking payment of unpaid overtime wages against their employer.

Workers who transport inmates from various locations throughout the United States as extradition agents are non-exempt employees who are entitled to overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for all hours worked over forty (40) hours in a workweek. Payment of a salary or day rate does not excuse an employer from paying overtime wages.

The attorneys at Bohrer Brady, LLC are investigating claims on behalf of prisoner transportation specialists who are employed by prisoner transport companies to determine whether they are entitled to unpaid overtime.

Day Rate Employees

Day-rate employees are often denied overtime pay, even though they are entitled to receive it. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) permits an employer to pay non-exempt employees on a day-rate basis, but the day rate does not allow the company to avoid paying overtime An employee must be paid overtime for every hour worked over 40 hours in a work week.

If you were paid a day rate but not overtime, contact Bohrer Brady employment law attorneys in Baton Rouge for a free initial confidential consultation. You may be entitled to damages.

24-Hour Workers

If you and your employer have not agreed to a fixed schedule for sleep periods at the same time every day, you may be entitled to compensation for any sleep periods that have been deducted from your pay.

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