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As required by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), all eligible employees must be paid time and a half for every hour worked over 40 in a workweek. Not all employers comply, unfortunately, and unpaid wages, as well as overtime pay that doesn’t include additional compensation such as bonuses, incentives, commissions, premium pay, and COVID extra pay, occurs all too often.

Employers that illegally withhold or do not pay the correct amount of overtime wages, not just in Detroit, but in Michigan and across the country, should be held responsible for their actions. If you believe your employer is violating the FLSA by refusing to pay you overtime or failing to pay the additional compensation that should be included with your overtime wages, call or contact the experienced labor & employment attorneys of Bohrer Brady, LLC to find out if you may have a claim for unpaid overtime. 


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Michigan Labor Laws

According to the FLSA, all eligible employees in Detroit who work over 40 hours in a workweek are legally entitled to 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for the overtime hours worked. Frequently, employers will try to work around their legal requirements by misclassifying their workers as independent contractors, forcing employees to work off-the-clock, paying a day rate or piece rate, or simply stating certain people aren’t eligible for overtime. These excuses may violate the FLSA, and you have the right to get what you deserve.

Although you may be classified as an independent contractor, paid a day rate or piece rate, or were told you’re ineligible for overtime, that doesn’t mean you’re not legally entitled to overtime pay. Additionally, under some circumstances your COVID pay, bonuses, commissions, shift differentials and incentives must be included in your overtime pay. Call or contact us now to discuss whether you’re eligible and if you have grounds to pursue an unpaid overtime claim.

Exemption Status in Detroit, MI

A Detroit worker’s job responsibilities and method of payment primarily determine exempt or non-exempt status under federal FLSA, which governs a worker’s eligibility for overtime pay. For instance, factors such as whether an employee is paid hourly or on a salaried basis and whether they perform supervisory or administrative duties are taken into consideration when determining exemption status. Most hourly workers are eligible for overtime pay under the FLSA.

Examples of common exempt positions include:

  • Administrative
  • Executive
  • Outside salespeople
  • Computer-related workers
  • Professional

If you’re paid an hourly rate but some of your job responsibilities fall under an exempt position, you may still be eligible for overtime pay. Exemption status shouldn’t be determined by just a job title. Our employment law attorneys representing Detroit, MI workers like you will assess your situation and will help you understand your exemption status and whether you qualify for overtime wages.

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