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A Workplace Retaliation Lawyer Can Fight for You

Have you been fired, demoted, harassed or otherwise unjustly treated at work for reporting unlawful activity? The law is on your side. Employers cannot retaliate when employees blow the whistle on unlawful activity. If you suspect you have been retaliated against at work with discrimination or harassment, it is important to consult with an experienced workplace retaliation lawyer.

At Bohrer Brady LLC, we have extensive experience handling employment law matters for employees throughout Louisiana and across the United States. Our attorneys do not represent large corporations but always stand on the side of the individual. We are prepared to protect your rights in this critical legal matter.

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Can I be fired for asserting my rights?

The FLSA contains a specific provision that prevents retaliation. This means the company cannot legally take any action against you for asserting your rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Has Your Employer Retaliated Against You?

Workplace retaliation can take many forms. If you have blown the whistle on unlawful activities at your place of work and have experienced any of the following, you may have a retaliation claim and you should contact a labor & employment lawyer at Bohrer Brady, LLC today:

  • Being terminated or demoted
  • Being given unreasonable demands, such as increased quotas
  • Having your salary reduced
  • Having your workload significantly increased
  • Wrongful termination
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Being denied opportunities for advancement
  • Receiving unjustified write-ups and other disciplinary measures
  • Receiving an unwanted transfer

We have extensive experience handling workplace retaliation claims and a proven record of success obtaining results for employees. Our whistleblower attorneys know what constitutes retaliation and will fight for your rights.

Whistleblower Claims

If you blew the whistle on your employer and are concerned about protecting your rights, a workplace retaliation lawyer is here to offer experienced advice and advocacy.

Get a Free Initial Case Evaluation With a Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

Contact a workplace retaliation lawyer from Bohrer Brady today if you’ve highlighted unlawful activity at work and your employer took revenge. We have in-depth knowledge of employment law and will work to protect your rights as an employee. Discuss your case with a Bohrer Brady workplace retaliation lawyer now in a free case evaluation.