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Improperly Loaded Cargo

Baton Rouge Overloaded Truck Accident Attorney

Louisiana Improper Truck Loading Lawyer
When you pass a heavily loaded truck, do you feel nervous? When it goes around a corner, are you under tons of shifting cargo? You would think that those loading a truck about to drive on an interstate or other busy roadway would exercise enough care to avoid truck accidents and keep others on the road safe. Shockingly, people are seriously injured every day by trucks losing control or rolling over due to improperly loaded cargo or oversize loads.

The attorneys at Bohrer Brady LLC represent people who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents, including truck accidents. We offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation in which you can ask questions about the law, our firm and your options. If we take your case, you can be assured of prompt responses, personal service and dedicated advocacy. Our firm has 31 years of experience serving accident victims. Our attorneys pursue any and all sources of compensation, and their goal is to maximize your financial recovery.

Many tons of cargo are behind the braking and steering systems of an 18-wheeler. An overloaded or improperly loaded truck places extra burdens on these systems, and tires, which can blow out and cause a severe truck crash.

Shifting loads can cause accidents by effecting the driver's ability to steer or control his truck. Falling loads also cause accidents by creating roadway hazards. Often the company that loaded the truck may also be at fault.

Responsibility for Safety
Truck drivers are "professional drivers." You may have seen signs on the back of a trailer saying so and offering a phone number to report dangerous driving. Safety is a responsibility the driver must take seriously. Hiring responsible drivers is a responsibility the employer must take seriously.

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