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When accidents happen, when safety precautions fail to work, workers and others can be seriously injured when exposed to toxic substances. Our lawyers have the experience it takes to deal with complex chemical exposure cases.

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Chemical exposure can happen suddenly when a pipe bursts in a plant or slowly when chemicals seep into groundwater and threaten the water supply. Our attorneys understand the science and law of chemical exposure.

  • At fertilizer plants, rubber plants, and other manufacturing sites where chemicals are used, a burst pipe, broken flange, or defective valve can expose workers, neighbors or the public to toxic chemicals.
  • On the highway, a tanker truck accident can expose the driver, others involved in the accident, and the surrounding land to toxic chemicals.
  • When chemicals are released into the environment for any reason (e.g. accident or equipment failure), there is a danger of groundwater contamination and the need for groundwater remediation.

If your property has oil or gas wells before 1989, your land may have environmental damage that you are not aware of. You may have a claim against the oil company for remediation and clean up.

If you developed leukemia or other blood cancers and were exposed to Benzene, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of chemical exposure, talk to the toxic exposure attorneys at Bohrer Brady LLC about your case.

If you have suffered an injury because of chemical exposure at work, or if a family member has died in a toxic substance accident, tell us about it. Our personal injury litigation lawyers can help you understand the laws and your rights. You do not have to face a big manufacturing company alone.