Baton Rouge IVC Filter Lawsuit Lawyers

Medical studies show that one of every four IVC filters fracture, which can cause serious injury or even death.

What Is An IVC Filter?

An IVC filter is a medical device, also known as an inferior vena cava filter, that is implanted by a surgeon to protect patients from dangerous blood clots.  The device is supposed to stop the blood clot from reaching vital organs. IVC filters are designed to either be left in place permanently or to be removable or retrievable after the risk of a blood clot ends.

Types of IVC Filters

  • Bard G2 Express
  • Bard G2
  • Bard Recovery
  • Bard G2X
  • Eclipse
  • Meridian
  • Cook Gunther Tulip
  • Cook Celect
  • B Braun Tempofilter
  • Cordis OptEase
  • ALN
  • Rex Medical Option
  • Denali Filter

What Are the Problems With IVC Filters

Medical studies have shown that one out of four IVC filters fracture or break.  Pieces of the broken filter can travel throughout the body causing severe injury and even death.  Many of the pieces of a broken IVC filter end up in the heart or lungs.

Signs and Symptoms of IVC Filter Failure

Your IVC filter may have moved, shifted or tilted, migrated or fractured and you may not know this has occurred.  Symptoms include chest pain, respiratory distress, infection, shortness of breath, and constant and severe pain in the heart or other parts of your body.  Often, a CT scan or other diagnostic test must be used to determine if your IVC filter has failed. An IVC filter may cause the following injuries and health problems:

  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Hematoma or Nerve Injury at the puncture site
  • Perforation, puncture or serious damage to the heart, lungs or vena cava
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Cardiac or Pericardial Tamponade
  • Ventricular Tachycardia
  • Lower Limb DVT
  • Chronic, excruciating pain
  • Other serious injury and death

IVC Filter Lawsuits

Bard, a manufacturer of many IVC filters, has settled one case during trial.  Many other IVC lawsuits are pending with more expected to be filed. All IVC Filter lawsuits filed in Federal Courts were transferred on August 18, 2015 to Arizona in a process called Multi District Litigation (MDL). This Court will oversee all pre-trial proceedings.  The IVC Filter Lawyers at Bohrer Brady, LLC are investigating and evaluating lawsuits for persons who have been injured by an IVC filter nationwide.

If you or someone you love has been injured or died due to complications by an IVC filter, contact the IVC Filter Lawyers at Bohrer Brady, LLC today for a free, confidential consultation.

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