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Failure to Warn of Adverse Reactions

Drug manufacturers commonly introduce potentially dangerous drugs into the marketplace, and patients and their doctors, when made aware of potential dangers, can decide if the benefits outweigh the risks.

However, when drug companies fail to warn of adverse reactions, patients and their doctors are robbed of the information they need to make sound treatment decisions. The failure to warn of adverse reactions can result in severe medical conditions and wrongful death.

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FDA Drug Warning Regulations

The FDA strictly regulates the pharmaceutical industry, including product packaging, warnings and advertising. Drug manufacturers must provide thorough and accurate information about drug side effects when introducing a drug into the marketplace.

When handling pharmaceutical liability cases, we ask the following questions:

  • Could the drug manufacturer have foreseen the dangers associated with the drug’s use?
  • Would proper warning labels and instructions have prevented the injury from taking place?
  • Would your doctor have prescribed the medicine had the warnings been accurate?

If you have been injured due to using a dangerous drug, it is important to consult with an attorney who is well versed in FDA regulations and who knows how to prevail in court. Our attorneys have the skill and experience to hold drug manufacturers accountable for their negligence and to help our clients obtain fair and just compensation for their losses.