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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

What to Do After a Car Accident Head Injury?

If a family member has suffered a head injury after a car accident, you need to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can understand the needs of people with life-changing injuries. The lawyers at Bohrer Brady LLC have the experience you need. We have over 31 years of experience helping injured accident victims.

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At Bohrer Brady LLC, we have been protecting the rights and interests of seriously injured people for 31 years. With our extensive experience, our personal injury lawyers know how to analyze the medical records, consult with experts, and develop a life-care plan for the victims.

  • We help people, suffering from head and traumatic brain injuries, and their families develop life-care plans, structured settlements, and special needs trusts - all designed to provide the financial resources needed for a lifetime of medical care. We also help victims determine their eligibility for Medicaid and other government benefits.
  • A head/traumatic brain injury can have subtle symptoms that are difficult to diagnose. Our law firm often works with a neuropsychologist to evaluate and diagnose brain trauma. We present legal claims based upon the specific needs and abilities of our client.
  • Our attorneys work closely with doctors to understand and evaluate the current and future medical and life care needs of car accident head injury victims. We want to be sure that the victims of catastrophic car accident head injuries have adequate healthcare for the rest of their lives. We will prove to the insurance company or to a jury how this injury has changed the victim's life as well as the lives of his or her family members.

If a family member has suffered a head injury or other brain trauma because of a car accident, tell us about it. Our serious injury lawyers can help you understand the laws and your rights. You do not have to face a big insurance company alone.

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