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The last time you were on the highway, how many semi-trucks did you pass? Each one could have easily weighed 50,000 pounds. The importance of proper maintenance and operation by trained drivers is obvious. Yet, catastrophic accidents resulting from poor truck maintenance occur every day.

The extent of injury and property damage from such an accident is hard to describe or comprehend. If you are in an automobile weighing 3,000 pounds, you have very little protection. Serious injuries to the spinal cord, head, neck, and brain are common. The physical and emotional harm is not just temporary, as these injuries require surgery, therapy, and a significant amount of money. Bohrer Brady LLC can help you obtain maximum compensation from all potentially responsible parties.


Trucking companies are required by law to carry out regular inspections and routine maintenance of their trucks. Truck maintenance logs and records must also be kept. Furthermore, drivers must make pre-trip inspections to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown or accident, as well as report any defects.

The federal government publishes extensive truck maintenance rules in the Code of Federal Regulations. These rules cover all types of truck components, including:

  • Lighting devices
  • Reflectors
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Emergency equipment
  • Securing cargo

Our attorneys have handled countless personal injury accident cases, from investigation into the causes of a wreck to lawsuits and appeals to higher courts.

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