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Oil Field Worker Claims

Oil Field Worker Claims

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Have you been paid overtime?  Many companies in the oilfield industry often improperly pay their employees salaries, day rate or per diem to avoid overtime pay.  Some companies treat employees as Independent Contractors, even though they are legally employees.  Just because you receive a salary or day rate does not disqualify you for entitlement to overtime.  Some salaried workers are "misclassified" and should be paid overtime. If you participate in work-related activities and are not paid, you may have legal rights to recover unpaid overtime.

In most cases, employees have rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), whether classified as independent worker or paid a salary or day rate.  The FLSA establishes a federal minimum wage and overtime pay requirements.  The FLSA requires that certain workers receive time and a half for all hours worked over 40 per week, even if the employer misclassify the employee as an independent contractor or pays him a salary or day rate.  It also requires that workers be paid for all time spent on the job, including participation in safety meetings, fire drills, company meetings, putting on or taking off uniforms, putting away tools, and other work-related activities, either on land or offshore.

Some examples of commonly misclassified oil workers that are entitled to overtime are:

  • Solids control operator
  • Flowback operator
  • Gyroscope operator
  • Directional driller
  • Mud engineer, technician or hand
  • Drilling fluids engineer, operator or technician
  • Pressure control engineer, operator or technician
  • Closed loop operator
  • Crane operator
  • Wireline operator
  • Grease tool operator

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