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Louisiana Truck Driver Sued for Crashing into Bar

By April 9, 2014 February 7th, 2024 No Comments

On the roads of Louisiana we understand that vehicle accidents can happen at any time. But few of us, enjoying a meal with friends or family in a public place like a restaurant, café or bar, think we are at risk of being in road accidents. A truck coming crashing through the storefront of a venue? Most people wouldn’t anticipate that on an evening out.

However that’s exactly what happened one night last year in Marrero when a truck driver apparently didn’t see the building, according to court documents. The allegedly drunk and drugged driver lost control of his vehicle and then reportedly crossed several traffic lanes plus a median, left the road and crashed right through a neighborhood bar’s storefront.

The establishment, says the owner, was filled with customers. Filed court documents say that some customers incurred injuries in the truck crash. Last month the Louisiana owner filed suit against the truck driver for the crash, requesting compensation for damage to the property and revenue loss. The bar owner’s lawsuit seeks compensation for business repercussions of the crash. Injured customers would also be well within their rights to sue the truck driver and attempt to recover their own medical costs and other damages.

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Source: The Louisiana Record, “Trucker who allegedly drove through bar storefront faces suit,” Kyle Barnett, March 31, 2014